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Mineral Exploration & Mining
Project Title Date
ProMine – Nano-particle products from new mineral resources in Europe 2012
Lead and lead isotopes in agricultural soils of Europe – The continental perspective 2012
Examples of Geochemical maps: Regional and Follow-up stream sediment survey and detailed soil geochemical survey 2012
Major mineral deposits of Europe 2006
Geochemical Atlas of Europe, Part 2: Interpretation of Geochemical Maps, Additional Tables, Figures, Maps, and Related Publications 2006
Metallogenic mineral provinces and World class ore deposits in Europe 2005
Geochemical Atlas of Europe, Part 1: Background Information, Methodology and Maps 2005
Technologies for the detection of metallic & non-metallic elements and hydrocarbons 2002
Estimation of the ore favourability index for polymetallic deposits in the Essimi Kirki Region, N.E. Greece 1989
The Kirki vein polymetallic mineralization, N.E. Greece 1989
Soil geochemical study of the Lower Thermae Zone, Xanthi Prefecture, North Hellas 1989
Geochemical Map of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace – Cu, Pb, Zn, Co, Ni, Mn – 1:200,000 1988
The geological setting of base metal mineralization in the Rhodope Region, Northern Greece 1988
Base metal mineralization in the Evros Region, N.E. Greece 1988
Lithogeochemical Prospecting and Other Exploration Practices in the Irish Carbonate Environment. 1987
Study for the determination of the optimum sampling density for the geochemical atlas of Hellas 1986
Statistical and geostatistical treatment of selected drill-holes of adi 365 (Western Zone, Prophitis Elias, Essimi 1984
Metallogenetic map of the Evros Prefecture 1983
Mineral exploration in the south‑eastern part of Rhodope for the location of new targets of polymetallic mineralization in the Essimi Ore District (N.E. Greece). 1982
Mineral exploration in the area of Mili, Essimi Alexandroupolis and proposed exploration programme 1981
Mixed Sulphide Mineralization of the Greek Rhodope (Basic information and proposed exploration programme) 1981
Mineral Exploration Programme for Calamines and Mixed Sulphide Ores on Thassos Island 1980