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P.C. 117 43 - Athens Greece
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P.S.G ENVIRONMENTAL GEO-EXPLORATION LTD was established in Athens, Greece, in July of 1998 by Dr. Penelope Stavrakis, geologist-geochemist-environmentalist, who is the Managing Director.

P.S.G ENVIRONMENTAL GEO-EXPLORATION LTD is an independent applied investigation and consultancy company with interdisciplinary expertise, mainly in the fields of Geo-Environment, Applied Geology, Mineral Exploration and Mineral Resource Evaluation.

P.S.G ENVIRONMENTAL GEO-EXPLORATION LTD mineral exploration business strategy is to enhance investor value through advancing projects from discovery through development into profitable operating mines.

P.S.G ENVIRONMENTAL GEO-EXPLORATION LTD is actively pursuing growth through strategic opportunities, including consultancies, investments, acquisitions, joint ventures and asset consolidations.  The company evaluates and pursues opportunities that bring synergy to any viable ventures. 

P.S.G ENVIRONMENTAL GEO-EXPLORATION LTD management team, following an evaluation of future global needs on strategic minerals, is expanding its activities in mineral exploration and resource development to mine reclamation and closure, respecting environmental concerns, and the needs of local communities for better living conditions.

The company provides high level professional services for public and private sector organisations in the following fields:

  •  Study of the natural environment (air, water, land) in relation to end land use, and environmental impact assessment of human activities and natural phenomena
  • Mineral exploration for base metals, gold, rare earth elements, etc.
  • Applied geochemical surveys for mineral exploration
  • Applied geophysical surveys for mineral exploration
  • Mineral resource evaluation
  • Evaluation of contamination in soil, sediment and water, due to ‘natural’ or anthropogenic sources (e.g., mineralised areas, solid waste landfills, industrial areas, urban and suburban areas, etc.)
  • Environmental impact assessments and Specialised Environmental studies
  • Hydrogeological surveys and Water resources evaluation and management
  • Ground water investigations, and evaluation of quality and quantity
  • Geotechnical investigations to solve surface and sub-surface problems concerning dams, sanitary landfills, wastewater treatment plants, etc.
  • Investigation of agricultural soils in relation to their end-use
  • Subsurface investigations by geophysical methods for the location of buried objects, such as pipes, antiquities, etc.
  • Sub-bottom profiling, using shallow and deep geophysical methods with specialised equipment (echo sonar, seismograph) for geological formations mapping, delineation of mineral exploration targets and sampling with robotic systems for identifying potential pollution
  • Compilation of seismological and geological reports according to the specifications of urban planning programmes
  • Digital processing of geological and other geoscientific data (e.g., geochemical, geophysical, hydrogeological, geotechnical)
  • Design and production of training material for multimedia applications.

P.S.G ENVIRONMENTAL GEO-EXPLORATION LTD and its partners are registered in the Official Hellenic Register for Consultants and Advisors and hold professional status in the following degree categories, according to Hellenic legislation:

Degree Category         Degree    Class

Geotechnical studies        21          Α , C
Geological studies            20          Α , Β,  C
Environmental studies       27          Α , Β,  C

P.S.G ENVIRONMENTAL GEO-EXPLORATION LTD for the achievement of a high level of professional services collaborates with analytical laboratories and scientific institutes in Greece and worldwide. Some of these are: Hellenic Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME), OMAC Laboratories Ltd.(Ireland), ALS Laboratory (Chech Republic), National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), University of Athens, British Geological Survey (BGS), Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), Nottingham University, WWF International etc.

P.S.G ENVIRONMENTAL GEO-EXPLORATION LTD and its associated partners:
• Offer a high level of professional consulting services according to customer demands.
• Collaborate with the customer during the planning stage and provide all required support in matters related to the specific project.
• Update their professional services by integrating emerging technologies in the fields of their expertise.
• Promote the recognition of the company in its fields of interest.